Sash Jammer Fitting Rotherham

Here are a few examples of the sash jammers we have fitted in Rotherham.

Sash jammer fitting Rotherham

Sash Jammers Rotherham

Sash Jammers are a great way to improve your window security on a budget. They are cheap to buy and quick to fit. They give you the same level of protection as a multi-point locking window when secured top and bottom with a key locked handle in the middle. We can provide UPVC Window repairs for any of your window problems.

Sash jammer fitting Aston

Sash Jammers Aston

The small but effective window security devices in Aston, can be fitted the same at the same time we carry out any UPVC Window repairs. The white or brown sash jammers can be fitted to most wood or UPVC windows.

Sash jammer fitting Anston

Sash Jammers Anston

Keeping children safe in upper floor bedrooms is part of window security. Being able to keep the window locked ensures no accidents are going to occur through an open window. Keeping on top of UPVC Window repairs and fitting sash jammers in Anston, so you can be sure they are safe.

Sash jammer fitting Aughton

Sash Jammers Aughton

Sash jammers have been designed to unlock quickly if required. There may be a time when you need to open the window quickly. Window security is about being able to open windows quickly if needed. Keeping on top of UPVC Window repairs will ensure you are able to get out safely.

Sash jammer fitting Bramley

Sash Jammers Bramley

Public facing windows need good window security as opportunist thieves might try to take advantage of a weak looking window. Maintaining UPVC Window repairs and fitting visible sash jammers to downstairs public facing windows are a powerful deterrent.

Sash jammer fitting Rotherham

Sash Jammers Brampton

Burglars like to stay hidden in darkness so they will try darkened back gardens as cover. Improve your window security by fitting sash jammers at the rear of your property and keep on top of UPVC Window repairs by making sure your handles and hinges are in good condition.

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Sash Jammers Rotherham

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