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How much to change locks?

If you look on most lock advice websites including the MLA which is the Master Locksmith Association, on average you can expect to pay £100 depending on the type of lock you want changing.

SheffLOCK are reputable and professional locksmiths that are vetted, inspected & background checked.

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Change Double Glazed Door Lock Rotherham

Change Double Glazed Door Lock

If you are confident and dextrous then there should be no problem in changing the door lock yourself. If you are however unsure of your abilities or not able to use a screwdriver easily then please call us for a fast, no fuss lock change.

Make sure you have the correct size cylinder before attempting to change your lock which is measured from the centre of the retaining screw.

To change a double glazed door lock first remove the retaining screw which holds the lock in place. This is located on the side of the door inline with the cylinder and retain the long screw.

Insert the key into the lock and turn the key 10 degree so you can line up the cam with the body of the lock so the cylinder slides out smoothly and set to one side.

To fit the new lock reverse the steps to remove the original lock cylinder by turning the new key in the new cylinder so the lock cam is flush with the body of the cylinder and insert the cylinder into the empty socket.

Insert the retaining screw back into the lock faceplate on the side of the door. Before tightening up fully make sure the lock face is flush or centred with the handle and turn the key gently in either direction. Once you are happy with the lock action you can tighten the screw. Remove the key from the lock once the retaining screw is secured.

Change A Lock Code Rotherham

Change A Lock Code

For rotating combination locks you need the original code. Once the lock is open, there’s usually a lever or clip to move - to free the cylinders. You change the cylinders to read what you want the new code to be - then replace the clip, or lever - to ‘set’ the code. Locks have different mechanisms - depending on how they’re made.

To change the code on a keypad lock it is possible to change it yourself if you are confident you can do it accurately. First, remove the lock from the door following the manufacturer’s instructions. Most electronic locks come with two screws that need to be unscrewed from the inside of the door.

Remove the backplate of the lock and set it aside. Red holes match the current code combination si insert tweezers into each red hole and pull out the metal chips and place them on the table. Remove the blue chips from the numbered lock holes corresponding to the desired combination. Replace each blue chip with a red one as you take them out.

If any hole is left empty, fill it with blue shavings. Also, check the holes to ensure your new combination contains red chips in each numbered hole. Replace the back cover and tighten all the screws. Turn the lock over so that the keypad is facing you. Finally, press the clear button and enter the new code combination. If this is done correctly, your digital door lock will unlock as soon as you enter the code.

Change A Door Lock Rotherham
Change A Door Lock

It is possible to repair a dropped Patio door in Rotherham. Call us for fast, cost-effective service, saving time and effort if you have a problematic patio door to shut, lock or open.

Suppose you need to lift the door using the handle to enable the door to open. In that case, our patio door realignment and adjusting service is a phone call away to adjust and realign your door with our fixed price quotation over the phone.

We can fix patio doors in 30 minutes if no other problems exist. For example, we can repair patio door handles at the same time we fix your dropped door.

Patio doors that have dropped can be repaired or realigned. Suppose you need to lift the patio door using the handle to enable the door to open. In that case, our patio door realignment and adjusting service are a phone call away to adjust and realign your door with our fixed price quotation over the phone.

We can do the same for dropped bifold doors, dropped french doors, a dropped double glazed door or a sliding door that has dropped.

How much does it cost to change locks

How much does it cost to change locks

Double glazing panels in doors can mist up the same as your windows. Gaps in the seals allow moisture in between the glass panes.

Failed double glazing obscures your view and can lead to damp and heat loss. Our double-glazing replacement service allows you to keep heat in and keep damp out at a low cost.

It is vital that your double glazed doors stay secure as visibly damaged glass will compromises the security of your doors and become a target to intruders.

Our expert locksmiths will carry out your double glazing replacement without removing the door. We can match any shape, colour or style of glass, so your double glazing will look like new.

If you are looking to buy a new door then have a look at our composite door designer app for a made to measure stylish new door.

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