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Burglar Alarms Rotherham

SheffLOCK offers a free on-site survey with a friendly specialist member of the team, no shirt and tie sales pitch, no pressure tactics, and just honest trustworthy advice to give you the most cost-effective wireless alarm system to suit your requirements.

Our alarm systems include a control panel to activate/ deactivate the alarm which provides the facility to part set/ activate zone settings. Each alarm as a standard also comes with two alarm fobs to activate/ deactivate.

SheffLOCK alarm systems also include the additional option of remotely using/ checking the alarm system via smartphone if you so wish, as well as receiving push button notifications via smart phone should the alarm be activated.

This is a great option to be able to be notified instantly if your alarm is activated when you are not at home. Each SheffLOCK alarm system will include a control panel to activate/ deactivate the alarm (link please below), wireless motion detectors (link please below), wireless contact sensors (link please below), a wireless external siren box (we recommend having this wired) and two activation fobs.

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With any SheffLOCK alarm system supplied & fitted by SheffLOCK, the first year's subscription for the alarm system is FREE with no need to renew the subscription. Simply trial the annual licensing fee and if you wish to continue this facility, pay for the licensing fee for another year - simple and easy with no tie-ins.

We recommend that any alarm system be annually serviced and tested by a professional to maintain its high performance. Please contact the SheffLOCK alarm team to discuss service packages and costs should you be interested.

Again the cost of this is bespoke to the package you have, for example, the bigger the system you have installed, the longer it will take to service and test it. We are confident however that our prices are reasonable.

Another great advantage of our alarm system is that we can also integrate a CCTV system onto the same account if you wish making the entire CCTV and alarm system easy to use and access.

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Home Security Systems

There are lots of home security systems available because not everyones security needs are the same. There are different sensor types, alarm types and ways in which you or a keyholder is notified. Sensors can include door contacts, pressure mats or PIR sensors. Alarms can be sirens in bell boxes, a lindline call or a notification to your mobile phone through an app.

House Security System

A basic house security system will require a wireless or wired control panel with keypad & a series of sensors to the rooms or locations where you want to monitor. The front door and back door entry points are a good location for door contacts with those backed up by pressure sensors near internal dorways and PIRs in large open rooms.

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Burglar Alarm System

Your SheffLOCK burglar alarm system will be designed to give you a professional level of security to protect you and your family at home that fits the way you live. A highly visible bell box, smart alarm panel and accurate sensors that include pet friendly motion detection, door contacts & shock sensors for windows will bring you peace of mind.

Burglar Alarm Rotherham

The safety and security of your home is of paramount importance, and a burglar alarm system plays a crucial role in safeguarding against potential intruders. In Doncaster, a town in South Yorkshire, England, residents understand the necessity of a reliable burglar alarm system to protect their homes and loved ones. However, like any technological system, burglar alarms require maintenance and repairs to ensure they function optimally. In Doncaster, there are various options for burglar alarm system repairs, providing residents with the means to keep their homes secure.

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Alarm System Cost

When we quote for your alarm installation cost it will include all labour and materials to complete the approved system. Bell-only wired system starts from £500 for supply and install. Wireless is slightly cheaper at £450 for supply and install. Depending on the level of protection, the specification of the equipment and the size of the property, the price can change. A high specification installation offering maximum security will cost £1,000+.

Burglar Alarm Installation

SheffLOCK Security Solution engineers are experienced and manufacturer trained fitters who will install your security system to your full specification on your planned burglar alarm installation date. We will make sure everything is ready to minimise fitting time with a site survey from one of our supervisor engineers. This is where professional installation services in Rotherham come into play, offering the expertise needed to build and maintain the functionality of these essential security systems.

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Burglar Alarm Repairs

Burglar alarms are very reliable and can go for years without any faults. Eventually though, rain can get in the bell box or the life of a battery comes to an end. We can quickly diagnose any faults and repair your burglar alarm. If you have been decorating or moving sensors yourself please let us konw as it will give us an idea of where to look and so minimise the time and cost of the burlgar alarm repair. Professional repair services can help homeowners stay ahead of these advancements, ensuring that their burglar alarm systems remain a robust deterrent against potential threats.

Burglar Alarm Service

Although your alarm system is robust, it is an essential part of your home security and your insurance provider may ask for proof that your system is maintained by an inspectorate company. We can provide your burglar alarm servicing needs yearly to check the state of your control panel, sensors, bell box and check or replace all batteries in the system. Staying proactive about burglar alarm system servicing is essential for ensuring that the system meets the latest security standards and regulations. As technology evolves, so do the methods employed by intruders, making it imperative for homeowners to keep their security systems up to date

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