Mortice Lock Rotherham

Mortice Lock Rotherham

Mortice Lock Introduction

Mortice Locks are cut into the open edge of a wood door, rather than mounted on the side. Two types of Mortice Lock are mortice sash-locks and mortice dead-locks.

Mortice Sashlocks work with a set of handles and a key, so the door can be held closed on the latch and optionally locked via key.

Mortice deadlocks only work from a key, meaning they would not hold the door closed unless locked.

Mortice Lock Repairs

Mortice Lock Rotherham


The main points for a mortice lock has to achieve the BS3621:2007 rating are;

1. The bolt throw has to be a minumum of 20mm compared to the older throw length of 14mm.

2. The lock must have hardened steel plates on either side of the lock case.

In the above image, the deadlock and the equivalent 5 lever lock that is Non-BS3621.

Mortice Lock Rotherham

BS3621 Mortice Locks

This range BS3621 Mortice Locks are the most reliable Mortice Locks around with all solid brass internals they feel more solid than most when you lock the bolt and the internals also are much tougher in external weather conditions. They are extremely well built with all the same manufacturing processes that the Chubb versions used so you can rely on these locks to stand the test of time.

These are a little more expensive than some of the other 5 lever BS3621 locks you can purchase but you are buying quality with these locks. We recommend these locks above all others in the mortice lock market even though there are some more expensive and perhaps more secure locks we at the Lockshop Warehouse think you can not get better for your money.

They have slightly different backsets to the more common locks so if you do have to upgrade your old versions then you will need to go for this range for ease of installation.

Available keyed differ (supplied with 3 x keys) or keyed alike (3 x keys total for the set of locks) you can easily have the same key for front and back doors.

The rollerbolt system on the sashlock version of this locks means you can use it on either hand of the door without having to open and swap the latch over.

Mortice Lock Rotherham

Lever Mortice Locks

The Lever Mortice Lock (sash lock) is common for domestic properties with wood doors.

Lever Mortice Locks have a varying number of levers from 1, 3 or 5 levers. The more levers a lock has, the more secure it is. It is far harder to unlock a door with 5 levers than it is for a door with 1 lever.

Mortice Lock Rotherham

Cylinder Mortice Lock

Cylinder Mortice Locks offer flexibility with master key suites so are more commonly used in commercial properties.

An Oval Profile Cylinder or Euro Profile Cylinder are usually used in conjunction with a Mortice Lock.

Mortice Lock Rotherham

Thumb Turn Lock

These locks can be key operated from one side of the door and unlocked or locked with a thumb turn from the other side of the door. We have a range of lock types we can fit including cylinder locks and smart locks.

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