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Security advice Rotherham

Security Advice

The Locksmith Rotherham Home Security guide gives you tips on how to best keep your home secure, such as improving door & window lock security, how sash jammers work to how a poorly fitted lock can lead to break-ins.

The main security advice for your home is to speak to Locksmith Rotherham with regards to the security products that you have fitted to your doors and windows.

Eveyone is aware of the link between economic uncertainty and burglary. As the price of goods become unaffordable there is a demand for cheap stolen items. With less money, updating locks or installing security systems is surpassed by essential costs like heating and food. This increases the threat of burglary for unprotected homes.

Locks on external doors are something I revisit time and time again on these pages, perhaps not surprisingly given my job title. But, along with alarms, these are your first line of defence against any burglar.

In terms of some general security advice Locksmith Rotherham suggest:
Door and Windows Security

Door and Windows Security

Ask a locksmith to review your door and window security (including internal doors to conservatories and garages) to make sure all windows and doors have the most appropriate locks:

Are they in good condition and properly fitted? – incorrectly fitted euro locks can lead to lock snapping.

Poorly Fitted Euro Lock

Poorly Fitted Euro Lock

Euro Cylinder fitted incorrectly on front door. A euro cylinder lock that has been poorly fitted is at risk of being snapped.

Do your front and back door have anti-snap locks fitted?

Add anti snap locks to your front and back doors. They can protect your euro lock cylinder from being a victim of lock snapping.

Although you must make sure you have the correct size and lock standard fitted to be truly anti-snap.

How a anti-snap lock prevents burglary.

Locksmith Rotherham gaurantee the best price for ULTION anti snap locks in South Yorkshire.

Upgrade Your Door Handles
Upgrade Your Door Handles

Consider upgrading your door handles when you change your locks. Standard door handles offer little protection and can be broken in seconds.

Locksmith Rotherham highly recommend that 2 star high security door handles are fitted with 3 star Ultion anti snap locks to provide you with 5 star protection. This is the highest standard of protection available.

3 star security standard
Upgrade your Locks to BS3621 British Standard

Have your home locks upgraded to BS3621, a standard which most insurance companies require your locks be fitted to.

BS3621 is a British Standard where locks are tested against common burglar techniques such as drilling and picking.

Locks that can be upgraded to BS3621 include Mortice Locks, Night Latches ( Yale Locks ) and Rim Cylinder locks.

If you live in a block of flats or apartment the standard BS8621 is recommended which allows anyone to exit in an emergency without needing a key.

Lock Advice – Contact us at Locksmith Rotherham for friendly advice or visit our advice pages about approved locks.

Sash Jammers
Sash Jammers: Protect UPVC Doors and Windows

You may also want to install top and bottom bolts on French doors or add sash jammers to UPVC doors or windows.

Sash Jammers STOP a door or window from opening. They are easy to fit and cheap and can be fitted to wood doors and windows.

Sash Jammers are relatively cheap, Locksmith Rotherham can supply and fit sash jammers.

French Door Security
French Door Security + Patio Doors

Before adding additional security any French doors should have the following standard of lock and/or handles fitted:

The lock cylinder should be to approved TS007 3star standard. Door handles should be toapproved   TS007 2star standard.

Patlock stops burglars opening your door. If you have French or patio doors you may want to consider adding a Patlock which ensures the door cannot be opened by holding the internal handles in place.

Locksmith Rotherham recommend fitting the 2 star Lock Lock Door handle with the Ultion 3 star anti snap euro cyclinder lock

Digital Door Viewer
Digital Door Viewer

Sees who’s at your door before you open it with a digital door viewer.

The advantages of a digital door viewer and common features on most viewers are they are easy to fit and install in a new place or existing door and easy to remove if you move.

Ideal for apartments and flats where you can find out who’s at the front door and remotely allow them access.

Maybe of use to the elderly who can converse with visitors without having to leave the comfort of their living room for example.

Door Chains
Door Chains

Another way to check who is at your door before opening is by fitting a door chain. There are now door chains available for uPVC and composite doors which are very simple to fit and not expensive, they can prevent distraction burglaries.

Locksmith Rotherham recommend making sure your door chain is “Police Approved” which means the chain is accredited by Secured By Design.

The cost of purchasing a Police Approved door chain is from £20 and you may want to consider getting it professionally fitted.

Locksmith Rotherham can supply and fit approved door chains.

Letterbox Security Rotherham
Letterbox Security – Prevent “Fishing” add a Letterbox guard

Adding a letterbox guard (letterplate) can help prevent letterbox fishing where criminals try to remove your house keys through your letterbox. Letterbox-Guard-prevents-Fishing. A Letterbox guard can stop thieves ‘fishing’ for keys


Prevents letterbox fishing & lock manipulation (opening door lock through the letterbox ) Letterbox guards can be fitted to uPVC, wooden and composite doors. Locksmith Rotherham recommend that any letterbox guard is approved to TS008 standard.

Price – Letterbox guards that are accredited to TS008 can cost from around £30 to purchase, excluding fitting.

Security Bar Rotherhams
Security Bars to protect Windows

Side windows in a house can be smashed to reach keys and gain entry so consider adding reinforced glass or maybe even block up the window.

Security-Grilles-fitted-to-Home-Window. Security Grilles can be fitted to domestic Homes

Decorative grilles and bars can also vastly improve the security of a home without being detrimental to the aesthetics.

Types – There are various types of security grilles from fixed to collapsible. Difficulty to fit – Locksmith Rotherham recommend get fitted by an expert

Benefits– ideal way to add extra security and stop people breaking a window and being able to gain entry through it. Consider visting the Master Locksmith Association website for further information.

Remote CCTV Rotherham
Remotely Accessible CCTV Systems

A remote CCTV system is an effective way to keep a watchful eye on your property while you’re not there.

Advantages of a Remote CCTV System

Some can be remotely viewed either via Internet access or by smartphone. Some alarms can notify you when the alarm is activated, allowing you to check what’s going on in your home.

Home CCTV System

The only thing worth highlighting is that you shouldn’t confront any intruders you see via your remotely accessible security and should simply notify the police.

For guaranteed police response you will require a professionally installed and monitored alarm system.

Security Alarms rotherham
Security Alarms – Regularly Change The Code

Alarms can be very effective but you need to change the code regularly to gain maximum benefit from them.

Installing a burglar alarm does not have to be expensive for your home with modern systems using wifi so you don't need to run cables and you can take it with you to your next home, should you move. Sixty percent of ex-burglars said an alarm was the main deterrent when they were scoping out a property. A maintained burglar alarm is a good investment and deterrent to protect your home and family.

PIR security lighting Rotherham
PIR Security Lighting

Dusk to dawn or sensor lighting to the front and back door of your home will deter potential thieves and help you gain entry into your home in the dark

Solar PIR lights can be fitted with two screws and no mains wiring.

Benefits – helps keep areas light when motion is sensed. Burglars don’t like the light as they don’t want to be seen so fit them high enough so that they will not be damaged.

Install Light Timers Rotherham
Install Light Timers

Consider installing a number of light timers around the house so it appears someone is home, as opportunist thieves can often approach houses that look like nobody is at home

Light Timers used in Home. Light Timers to deter burglars

Easy to fit – Light Timers are usually easy fit as they simply plug into power socket without any need for complications installations.

Benefits – can make it seem like the property is occupied

Home Security Safes Rotherham
Home Security Safes – Hide Your Valuables

Home safes are becoming cheaper, so you may want to consider asking Locksmith Rotherham locksmiths to specify and install a security safe.

Fireproof safes are available so you can store important documents such as a passport, drivers license and digital media.

Ensure you purchase the correct rating of safe and ensure it’s professionally fitted as this will dictate the amount of cash/jewellery covered by your insurance company.

Insurance Approved Safes

Look for independent approval such as the AIS logo or Sold Secure approval when purchasing a safe, as this usually automatically means the safe is insurance approved.

Keyed Alike Rotherham
Replace Your Keys or try ‘Keyed Alike’

While you are reviewing your security it is also worth considering when your keys were last replaced.

Do past owners or tenants may still have access to your home? and has anyone may had copies of your keys made without your knowledge.

a) One Key for all your door locks = Keying Alike. So you only have one key for your front and back door locks consider having your locks keyed alike, this means if you ever lose your keys you will only have to replace one key.

b) Keys Cannot be copied = Patented Keys. Prevent anyone from copying your keys by fitting a patented system, this means keys can only be copied with proof of ownership.

Garden Shed Security Rotherham
Garden Shed Security

Make sure you source a good quality lock to protect your garden shed and its contents if you have one.

Use a Sold Secure approved padlock, that is independently tested against numerous criteria, to prevent break-ins.

Shed shackle on wooden sheds

A shed shackle can prevent items from being stolen during break-ins on wooden sheds. Chain the items you want to keep safe (e.g. power tools or bikes) to the shed shackle to keep them safe.

Review the exterior of your property to make sure there are no broken windows or access to your property through garages or conservatories.

Lock any tools and items such as ladders away.

moving home Rotherham
Moving Home

If you are moving home, Locksmith Rotherham locksmiths can replace locks where you do not know who has a copy of the key:

  1. Remove the old lock (without damaging your door)
  2. Fit a new insurance approved lock
  3. Cut a new key to fit your lock

For the cost of replacement keys see our key cutting page.

Locked Out Rotherham
Locked out of a uPVC Door?

UPVC doors change shape slightly in hot conditions and require adjustment. Try not to force it to lock and call us to re-aligned your upvc door

Do not keep forcing a uPVC handle up to lock it – you should be able to just lift it, if not adjustments are all that is needed usually!

Keys Cut Rotherham
Keys cut after being locked out of house

After being locked out you may need to replace your keys, a Locksmith Rotherham locksmith can replace any type of key even if the key is broken. Once the door is opened the Locksmith Rotherham locksmith can cut a new key by hand to suit your lock.

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