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Anti-snap Locks

Anti-snap Locks

The TS007 3 star accreditation and the more aggressive Sold Secure Diamond testing accreditation is regarding having passed the Police and Insurance approved testing’s against all recognised attack methods including drilling, bumping, picking and snapping.

We strongly advise you check you current locks here via our quick lock assessment guide.

Ultion locks come with a manufacturer’s £5,000 guarantee that it cannot be snapped and entry gained as a consequence.

The Ultion lock is fast becoming the number one choice anti-snap lock for all door companies and is the staple for many householders who are conscious about home security.

Composite Doors

Composite Doors

Composite doors are now the preferred choice of door when choosing to replace your existing doors and SheffLOCK offer a great range of top quality composite door designs that don’t compromise on our passion as Ex-Police officers for high security.

Every Rotherham Composite Door is supplied and fitted as standard with the insurance and Police approved Ultion 3 Star Euro cylinder.

The Ultion comes with a Manufacturers £5,000 Guarantee it cannot be snapped and entry gained to your property. Each Composite Door also comes with the Manufacturers Guarantee to give you peace of mind for years to come!

Key Safe installation Rotherham

Key Safes

We have fitted thousands of key safes over the years to bring the cost of Key Safes down to the lowest price possible anywhere in the UK. We only use Police Approved and Accredited key safes. The guarantee is only valid if it is fitted correctly so we make sure this is done properly by fitting them ourselves.

Key Safe Installation Cost

We offer the best price in South Yorkshire for professional fitting of your Key Safe at £120. This includes VAT for a day time appointment.

Laminated Glass Rotherham
Laminated Glass

It‘s important to understand that toughened glass is designed with safety in mind. If this type of glass panel is smashed it will ensure any person in the close vicinity will not be injured. Toughened glass is not designed to withstand a significant manual attack.

A Burglar will target your Patio/ French Doors that have a large glass panel installed because it will provide the Thief with a large, easy entry and exit area.

SheffLOCK advise you to install Laminated Glass Panels in the most vulnerable areas of your home.

Security handles

Security Handles

What better way to be secure than with these stylish door handles. These high security door handles are available in gold, stainless steel, black, chrome, rose gold, white and anthracite.

We can match other door furnishings like door numbers, letterboxes and door knockers.

CCTV Installation Rotherham


Ring CCTV cameras have a great advanced motion detector facility allowing you to easily set the motion sensor parameter in literally seconds which minimises unnecessary motion detection notifications.

The sensitivity settings also are a great feature that again is easily edited in seconds via your RING dashboard.

RING offer you the capability of turning off the notifications at any given time (you can even easily set a scheduled fixed time also) for examples such as when you are hosting a garden party or when you are on the driveway cleaning the car etc.

sash jammer fitted Rotherham

What are Sash Jammers?

Sash Jammers are UPVC levers that are designed to be installed internally or (externally via a locking version) by securing to the frame at specific areas. This significantly strengthens the window against attempts being made to open the window using an object such as a crowbar.

They are simple to use in that once installed the user simply closes the window and then moves (or locks) the sash jammers lever over the frame area that opens as pictured below:

We have created a window security article if you want to find out more about window security.

Ultion keys

Ultion Keys

We are an authorised Ultion key cutting centre and we only use genuine Ultion key blanks and Ultion WXM key blanks, cut on the latest calibrated cut to code key machines. Our Ultion WXM keys are 30% thicker than standard Ultion keys and 60% thicker than standard TS007 lock keys.   

To keep your locks in good working order we recommend using Lution XM lock lubricant on your Ultion locks.

Window Lock Repair

Ultion Locks

Ultion Locks are the answer to lock snapping burglary, which is a method of entry that has been used by criminals for over a decade.

It is believed that this method originated in the West Yorkshire area of the UK sometime in 2007 and quickly spread throughout the country.

The method targets inadequate euro locks and UPVC handles on doors such as composite, UPVC, Patio and French doors to name a few.

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