Sash Jammer Fitting Rotherham 2

Here are a few examples of the sash jammers we have fitted in Rotherham.

Sash jammer fitting Rotherham

Sash Jammers Brinsworth

Having a nice big window to open in a conservatory is great for air flow but a pain for window security in Brinsworth. You can have Sash Jammers fitted as part of our UPVC Window repairs services to check your windows, handles and hinges.

Sash jammer fitting Brecks

Sash Jammers Brecks

You don't have to spend a fortune on new windows to get multi-point window security for your opening windows. When we carry out UPVC Window repairs, we will be able to tell you if it is advisable to fit sash jammers.

Sash jammer fitting Broom

Sash Jammers Broom

If you already have a lockable window handle, a sash jammer will strengthen your windows against attack. These small cost-effective devices could mean the difference to being burgled so it is also a great way of ensuring your families security and peace of mind.

Sash jammer fitting Canklow

Sash Jammers Canklow

Ground floor windows in secluded locations are often a target of window levering. Reading our window security article will show you methods used by burglars that target windows and why it is important to fit sash jammers.

Sash jammer fitting Catcliffe

Sash Jammers Catcliffe

You car security is only as good as your door security and window security. Now that cars are so hard to steal, they will target homes in order to steal the keys. This is know as a Hanoi burglary or 2-in-1 burglary. We advise that you maintain your UPVC Window repairs as soon as any problems occur.

Sash jammer fitting Rotherham

Sash Jammers Clifton

We explain in our window security article that any window that is large enough for someone to climb through is a target. This includes front facing windows as burglars are brazen and not put off easily by being a front door or window. We advise fitting sash jammers to all hinged windows that do not have a multilock system.

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Sash Jammers Rotherham

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