Security Door Handle Fitting Rotherham 2

Here are a few examples of the door handles we have fitted in Rotherham.

Door handle fitting Rotherham

Security Door Handles Brinsworth

You dont need to buy a door from us to have anti-snap locks fitted. The three-stsar locks along with a two-star high-security door handle will be enough to stop any burglar in their tracks.

Door handle fitting Brecks

Brecks High Security Door Handles

The standard door handle has long been known as a target because of the cheap and weak materials used, so it is important to fit high-security door handles along with an accredited door lock, like the Ultion anti-snap lock.

Door handle fitting Broom

Security Door Handles Broom

You can see from this example of astandard dor handle that the square edges can be gripped. The lock lock high-security door handles have a rounded cover which cannot be gripped and is made from multiple layers of strong and durable materials. Together with an anti-snap lock, there is no way the door lock can be broken.

Door handle fitting Canklow

Canklow Security Door Handles

If you are on a budget UPVC doors are a cost-effective option. It is not expensive to purchase anti-snap locks which can be all the difference to becoming a target. The high-security door handles can be fitted in minutes giving you added protection.

Door handle fitting Catcliffe

Security Door Handles Catcliffe

One of the main targets we see are patio doors or French doors at the rear of houses which can be secluded and dark. These are ideal working areas for burglars so we recommend you get anti-snap locks. To add style, our high-security door handles are available in a range of finishes into chrome, steel, black or white.

Door handle fitting Rotherham

Security Door Handles Clifton

Our brass finish high-security door handles look great as a replacement for traditional brass handles with the added lock lock protection by being able to lock your door from the inside without a key.

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