Home Security Surveys Rotherham

Home Security Survey Rotherham

Home Surveys

Lockmith Rotherham offers you a FREE Home Security Survey from Ex-Police officers who are experts in burglary prevention.

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Home Security Survey Rotherham

Up-to-date assessments

Whether you feel the need for a home security check following a recent burglary in your area, need home help access or have moved recently into your new home, we can offer you an expert assessment of your current home security and advise accordingly on what we believe is needed to maximise your safety.

Home Security Survey Rotherham

Stay two steps ahead

The SheffLOCK home survey gives you practical advice on modern-day tactics used by criminals and how to defend against them by having the correct police & insurance-tested products installed.

Home Security Survey Rotherham
Your home survey appointment

A typical house survey takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour and is FREE. Following the consultation, Locksmith Rotherham will email you a report outlining any areas of concern to maximise your home security.

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Home Security Survey Rotherham
Security products

Any products recommended have passed the approved Police & Insurance testing, and our goal as a company is to make your home the least attractive prospect for the burglar(s) when they are assessing properties to target.

Home Security Survey Rotherham
Get in touch

Our crime prevention expert will answer any of your security questions you may have and give you the correct advice in accordance with current crime trends to ensure you stay safe from any attempts made to enter your property.

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Home Surveys
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