Emergency Locksmith Rotherham

Emergency Locksmith Rotherham

Emergency Locksmiths

We are Rotherham's best rated emergency locksmith.

If you find yourself locked out, SheffLOCK quick response emergency locksmiths get to most locations around Rotherham in 30 minutes.

Emergency Locksmith Rotherham

Emergency Door Repair

We work with businesses and emergency services across South Yorkshire to help gain access to properties where life is at risk and to secure them if locks, doors or windows have been damaged.

“Affordability is Key” and we aim to deliver on our promise to you, no matter what service you require.

Emergency Locksmith Rotherham

Emergency Boarding Up

We take the strain out of the stress when it comes to securing your premises after a burglary where the doors or windows have been attacked and left in a vulnerable state. We carry emergency boarding up panels to fit any door or window and can repair burglary damage to make you feel safe and secure again.

Emergency Locksmith Rotherham

24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths

SheffLOCK is an independent family run, Rotherham based 24 hour emergency locksmith company. Call now and speak to us directly.

Emergency Locksmith Rotherham
Emergency Lock Replacement

If you have been the victim of a burglary or damage has been caused to your doors or windows inform the Police immediately. If you require your door locks repairing give SheffLOCK a call any time of day or night for a fast response.

We carry a full range of locks to fit almost every door, securing your home from further damage. The locks we fit are 3 star diamond accredited anti snap locks which are the best defence against lock snapping attacks. The end of the lock will break if attacked but entry will not be gained with the lock being fully functional from the inside.

Emergency Locksmith Rotherham
Emergency Window Repairs

Broken glass is a real hazard and most insurance policies will not cover workers clearing up broken glass. We will remove all traces of the glass so your home or work area is safe. We will measure and cut temporary emergency boarding that is secure against attempts to remove the window boarding from the outside. We use industrial strength fasteners to secure the board panels along with making sure that no tools can be used to prize out the emergency boarding panels.

We can use the measurements of your glass or door panels to provide you with a quote for replacement glass panels. Our glass panels take between one and three weeks to produce and we will return to remove the barding and fit the new double glazed panels.

Emergency Locksmith Rotherham
Locked Out Emergency

It’s important to conform with your House Insurance, Fire and Building Regulations. As Ex-Police Officers we can provide you with a Full Security Check on your property. Our advice and knowledge regarding criminal activity spans over 40years so you can be confidant we know what we are talking about. We can provide you with practical and common sense, low cost Security Tips together with the appropriate accredited products.

Emergency Locksmith Rotherham
Emergency Lock Picking

SheffLOCK can supply and fit New Composite Doors and replace UPVC windows. We have an extensive Composite Door Range to offer to our Customers. Call SheffLOCK for a Home Visit to discuss your choices and have a chat during our No Obligation Measuring Service.

We also offer replacement of broken/misted double glazed units. These can also be upgraded to Laminated Units to enhance your security and prevent the burglar from smashing your windows easily.

Emergency Locksmith Rotherham
Emergency Glass Replacement

Kevin, Christopher and Richard are co-owners of SheffLOCK, a family run mobile locksmith business and we provide unrivalled customer service from start to finish, no matter what time of day or night you call us. Feel free to visit our Social Media Sites and read for yourself what the people of South Yorkshire say about our Emergency Locksmith service and how we treat our customers.

Call us now on 01709 789 399

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Emergency Locksmith

Updated: August 2023

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