Security Door Handle Fitting Rotherham 3

Here are a few examples of the door handles we have fitted in Rotherham.

Door handle fitting Rotherham

Security Door Handles Brinsworth

Ultion anti-snap locks are recommended to be fitted alongside our high-security door handles to improve the security rating of your door. A 3-star lock coupled with a 2-star handle is the ultimate protection.

Door handle fitting Brecks

Security Door Handles Brecks

Lock snapping door crime should be a thing of the past and it will be when all our customers have high-security door handles fitted as standard. In white, chrome, steel, black and brass.

Door handle fitting Broom

Security Door Handles Broom

It might not look like much of a change but any burglar recognising the door hardware will not attempt to break them as they know they will fail and could be recognised. These high-security door handles are cheaper and better than most burglar deterrents.

Door handle fitting Canklow

Security Door Handles Canklow

It is almost a daily occurence that we are called to a lock-snapping burglary. Sometimes not only has the house been burgled but the car has been stolen too. A house fitted with anti-snap locks and high-security door handles will not be a victim again.

Door handle fitting Catcliffe

Security Door Handles Catcliffe

The problem we have with insurance companies is that they do not provide for improving security of composite doors. They have a like for like policy that will not cover the installation of upgraded locks. It is up to the customer to pay for the upgrade difference which is highly recommended.

Door handle fitting Rotherham

Security Door Handles Clifton

Being a public facing company we very much listen to our customers and they tell us they feel more secure with the high-quality security door handles which gives everyone the ability to sleep easy at night knowing they are protected.

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