Double Glazing Rotherham

Double Glazing Rotherham

Double Glazing Repair

SheffLOCK are experts in double glazing repairs in Rotherham.

We can repair double glazing window seals if your windows have a draft. There is no permanent or safe way to repair misted or blown double glazing panels as they quickly revert back to the misted condition. The best method is to replace the double glazing units with new made-to-measure units.

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Double Glazing Window Repair

Double Glazing Window Repair

Our double glazing panels will help to make your home more energy-efficient using A-rated window panels for efficiency to ensure maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss. This makes sure you can:

  • Eliminate draughts and keep the warmth inside
  • A-Rated energy-efficient windows to reduce your energy bill
  • Double glazing panels are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust
  • Give your home a clean and fresh new look
>Misted Double Glazing Repair

Misted Double Glazing Repair

If there is condensation inside the glass of your double glazing or it appears misty and foggy, this means that the sealed unit has failed.

This happens when the gas inside the glazing unit has depleted. The good news is that Locksmith Rotherham SheffLOCK can replace misted double glazed units. Even when the unit is decorated with a leaded window pattern, they can still be repaired to match the existing design.

  • Window seal repair
  • Misted double glazed unit replacement
  • Blown window replacement
  • Add or remove leaded designs to sealed units
  • Supply and fit glass to CERTASS standards
Blown Double Glazing Repair

Blown Double Glazing Repair

Double glazed windows are made up of 2 panes of glass, separated by a spacer bar to create a gap. As you would expect, triple glazing is made up of three layers of glass with greater heating and sound insulation properties.

The internal gap needs to be measured, as well as your window panel size, in order to get the right fit panel for your needs. The gap between the window panes can be filled with an inert gas, usually argon which has better insulationg properties than just air. Each double glazed unit is sealed with a hard wearing sealant tape.

If the inside of the glass unit is misty and has condensation inside the window it is known as a blown or misted unit. It is possible to replace a sealed unit, and advise a professional window fitter to carry out work as home insurance policies will not cover any injuries associated with repairing or replacing double glazing units.

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What causes misted windows?

Over time small changes in temperature can cause the glazed unit to expand and contract, which can result in gas escaping from the sealed unit.

Double glazing is made up of two glass panels with an airtight seal, filled with an inert gas. Argon gas is used widely as it has good thermal and sound insulationg proeprties. A damaged seal can cause the gas to escape through chipped or cracked glass. Poorly maintained double glazed units can cause sgnificant heat loss in the room.

If you have a lead pattern on your double glazing panels, these can be reproduced onto new panels. We can replace leaded windows with clear glass sealed units or we can replace clear panels with new lead patterned glass panels.

Contact uPVC Window Repairs Rotherham now to discuss your problem.

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Double Glazing Rotherham
Double Glazing Rotherham

Misted windows present themselves when one side of the glass is warm and the other side of the glass is cold with water condensing onto the colder surface. Desiccant within spacer bars become saturated and can no longer dry the moisture between the double glazed window panels. To prevent the problem from occuring you can keep these tips in mind.

Air Flow

Keep a constant air flow and consistent temperature to avoid any internal surface condensation problems.

Curtains and Nets

Maintain a gap between the curtains and the glass surface. Curtains that are too close without adequate air flow can cause dampness and condensation on the window panels.

Bathroom doors

Keep your bathroom and dedroom doors closed after taking a bath or shower, as the steam can travel throughout the house to bedroom windows and cause condensation.

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Drying Clothes Inside

Try to avoid hanging clothes to dry inside, especially on radiators with the windows closed. The clothes dry quickly, but the water vapour increases moisture in the atmosphere and cools on the double glazed panels into liquid droplets.


Good ventilation in a kitchen is important. A cooker hood fan should be put on the same time heat in applied. It take a few minutes for the cooker hood fan to build up a vacuum to suck the steam out. In the coldest part of winter you want to close all your windows but if you dont have a cooker hood fan try to keep a window open when using open top pots and pans, as the steam will cool down on windows to become water droplets. These will eventually appear on the inside of your double glazing panels.

De-humidifier Solution

De-humidifiers are a solution for keeping moisture under control. These can help prevent serious health issues caused by mould and dampness. Consider a de-humidifier in any room when you get condensation on double glazed windows.

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UPVC Window Parts

In addition to our UPVC repair service, as EX-Police officers and Burglary Prevention specialists, we can also carry out upgrades to window security at extremely cost effective prices like new window handles from £15.

UPVC window locks are a vital part of the overall security of your home and should be fixed as soon as possible, please do not neglect this area of your home.

Remember when it comes to Burglary:

If they cannot gain access to your home via the door, the only entry point is through the window.

uPVC Window Repairs Rotherham
uPVC repair services Rotherham

If your window is faulting, won't open or is closed shut please contact Window Repairs Rotherham. We can often repair the broken uPVC mechanism along with Supplying and fitting any new uPVC mechanism parts.

We are passionate about ensuring the most cost effective solution is achieved for you to get any uPVC window working correctly.

The SheffLOCK team have quickly established a first rate customer service that starts from the moment you contact our friendly team to discuss your issue up to completion of any work carried out.

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