Anti-Snap Locks Rotherham

Anti-snap locks Rotherham

Lock Snapping Burglary

Lock snapping became the favourite technique for burglars around 15 years ago. It is quick and quiet leaving no evidence.

Locksmith Rotherham find that when one house has been attacked, other houses in the same road will have been tried until they have succeeded.

As you can see from the photo, the homeowner will only realise when they notice things are missing, like car keys, or they see the damage to the door handle.

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Anti-snap locks Rotherham

Anti-snap Locks Rotherham

Lock snapping refers to the great force required to break a lock along the screw thread that holds the lock in the door.

The exposed lock lever or cam, can then be turned to open the door.

Breaking the door handle and then the lock can be done quietly and quickly. You can see the pipe grip teeth marks on the broken lock.

Anti-snap locks Rotherham
What is an Anti-Snap Lock?

 On this Ultion euro cylinder, you can see the two cut lines either end of the lock face. These are designed to give way when extreme force is applied to protect the black core area from being broken. You can see the centre has no continuous hole which is considered to be a weak point in standard locks. Instead, is a small indentation where the centre screw is secured.

Anti-snap locks Rotherham

Is My Lock Anti-snap?

Anti-snap locks are sometimes called snap-proof, snap resistant or snap secure. The diamond on the face of the lock means it has SS312 Diamond accreditation. This is the highest standard of approval for a euro cylinder lock including anti-snap attacks.

The star markings also indicate the level of protection from known attack methods. The top protection offered is three stars.

Anti-snap locks Rotherham
Anti-Snap Lock Fitting

Fit the correct size lock cylinder as an exposed cylinder will make it prone to snapping. Above shows an incorrectly fitted euro cylinder lock. Euro lock cylinder lengths vary depending on the door and handle thickness, measured from the centre fixing screw. The cylinder is sticking out, making it more accessible to be gripped and broken.

lock snapping burglary

Correct Lock Fitting

Correctly fitted euro cylinder locks cannot be gripped and run smooth the the door handle.

To stop your door handle from being broken you can fit a 2-star security door handle that has a hardened exterior and smooth surface that cannot be gripped.

Are Anti-Snap Locks Worth Fitting?

It is very much worth the time and effort to upgrade your euro-cylinder locks to an accredited standard. The lock is a sacrificial item that can be replaced unlike your precious possessions.

Book an appointment today to bring you the satisfaction and peace of mind that you will not become a victim of burglary.

We can also fit accredited mortice locks and smart locks with suited locks keyed to a master key.

lock snapping burglary

Are there any options?

The euro cylinder locks come in sizes from 30mm from the centre right up to 70mm so the entire length is 60mm to 140mm.

There are a number of colour options including steel, chrome and gold. A garage door half-cylinder can be keyed-alike to your house key.

The keys are coded to the 11 cylinder pins with millions of combinations making sure you have a unique lock. We can cut addition Ultion Keys at your home or in our shop.

To make your keys as individual as you need we have coloured keycaps, keylights and smart location App keytags.

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